Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SWISS?

    SWISS is an online learning platform, where one can gain Islamic literacy.

  • I'm an international user, from outside the USA, Can I Join?


    We have a number of subscribers from overseas. Our content is on-demand, so you can access it at your own pace.

    We have a limited Live, Online programs - just remember all timings are advertised as EST (NY USA) Timings.

  • What's included in the membership?

    Think of us like a "Netflix: for Islamic Studies.

    We offer structured Islamic Studies Courses through our platform, delivered through a holistic experience.

    Our content is delivered on-demand, so you can learn at your own pace.

    There are assignments tied to the curriculum, reinforcing the material!

    Not interested in the assignments, no worries skip them and binge the Nur!

  • Live Classes at SWISS

    Adjusting to COVID-19, we've started to add live classes through our platform for our subscribers.

    We have the links posted in our course folders in the platform.

    To maintain security protocols & integrity for our subscriber base, we do not share zoom links over email.

    All zoom links & meeting links are different to adapt to best practices of zoom.

    Login to the SWISS Beta Platform to get the link on the day of the broadcast.

  • Where can I reset my password for SWISS?

    Go to ""
    Click on Sign In
    In the bottom right corner, click on "Forgot Password"