Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson One: Fiqh & Madhabs

    • Lesson One: Fiqh & Madhabs

    • Fiqh 1

  • 2

    Lesson Two: Wudu

    • Lesson Two: Introduction To The Nullifiers of Wudu

    • lesson Three: Causes That Nullify Wudu - Sleep

    • Lesson Four: The Nullifiers of Wudu - Touching The Private Parts

    • Lesson Five: Nullifiers of Wudu - Touching The Opposite Gender

    • Lesson Six: Some Things That Don't Violate Wudu

    • Lesson Seven: They Types of Water & The Types of Purification

    • Lesson Eight: Water Mixed With Impurities

    • Lesson Number Nine: Wudu & Its Obligations

    • Lesson Ten: The Sunnas of Wudu

    • Lesson Eleven: The Fadāil of Wudu

    • Lesson Twelve: The Obligations of Ghusul

    • Lesson Thirteen - The Sunna of Ghusul and Its Fadail

    • Lesson Fourteen: Tayammum and Its Four Obigations

    • Lesson Fifteen: The Sunnas of Tayammum

  • 3

    Chapter Two: Prayer

    • Lesson Sixteen: An Introduction to Prayer & Its Timings

    • Lesson Seventeen: The Conditions of Prayer

    • Lesson Eighteen: The Obligations of Prayer

    • Lesson Nineteen: The Sunnas of Prayer

    • Lesson Twenty: The Secondary Sunnas (Fadilah) Of Prayers (Part one)

    • Lesson Twenty-One: The Secondary Sunnas (Fadilah) Of Prayers (Part Two)

    • Lesson Twenty-Two: Disliked Acts of Prayer

    • Lesson Twenty-Three: Bringing Love To Your Prayers

    • Lesson Twenty-Four: Things That Ruin the Prayer

    • Lesson Twenty-Five: The Prostration for Forgetfulness

    • Lesson Twenty-Six: The Imam, His Qualities & Issues Related to His Job

    • Lesson Twenty-Seven: The Friday Prayer (Part-One)

    • Lesson Twenty-Eight: The Friday Prayer (Part-Two)

    • Lesson Twenty-Nine: The Funeral Prayer

  • 4


    • Lesson Thirty: Fasting