Course curriculum

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    The Lessons

    • Rule One: The Basmala

    • Practice one: The Basmala

    • Rule Two: The Connected & Disconnected Madds

    • Practice Two: - The Connected & Disconnected Madd

    • Rule Three: Reading أنا

    • Rule Four: The Exchanged Madd (Part one)

    • Practice Three: Madd Badal & More!

    • Practice Four: Naqal, Tashil and More!

    • Rule Five: The Exchanged Madd Part Two

    • Rule Six: Exceptions To The Altered Madd

    • Rule Seven: Two Words That Do Not Accept Tawasut

    • Rule Eight: Two Words That Accept Tawasut of Madd Badl

    • Rule Nine: Madd Lean That Ends With Hamza

    • Rule Ten: Exceptions To Mudd Lean

    • Rule Eleven: Two Causes of Madd In The Same Word